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Drive connection, belonging, and performance with Avanoo’s simple video storytelling app.


Powerful Employee Stories

StoryApp makes it easy for employees to share and hear about each other’s work, lives, and ideas. In-app prompts help employees tell stories that support connection and promote a feeling of belonging – and that align with your organization's values, culture, and emerging business needs. We then share these stories at scale to your employee population, and capture the team's responses in the form of new stories, ideas, and inspirations.

AI-Driven Insights

Avanoo's powerful insights platform gives leaders a window into the employee experience and the cultural health of your organization. Our natural language processing and machine learning algorithms analyze all of your organization’s stories – and the way employees react to those stories. Then we plot the data on a user-friendly dashboard to reveal how your team is driving a connected, engaged culture… and where you have hotspots that need attention.



Culture & Business Impact

In the face of isolation, fear, or a newly remote workforce, stories bring your team together and help them perform at their best. And with Avanoo’s insight tools, stories help intensify the best of your culture to boost engagement, retention, and belonging – which ultimately drives ROI. Areas of business impact include continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and improved engagement.


of U.S. employees fear their company lacks the resilience to weather the COVID-19 crisis

–2020 Eagle Hill COVID-19 Workplace Impact Survey


of employees say communicating via technology increases feelings of isolation

–2018 Future Workplace Global Work Connectivity Study


of isolated employees say their work is lower quality than it should be

–2020 Cigna Loneliness and the Workplace Report


increase in job performance when employees feel a strong sense of belonging

–2019 BetterUp Labs The Value of Belonging at Work

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