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Drive engagement and behavior change with Avanoo’s powerful storytelling platform.


Powerful Employee Stories

With the support of master storytellers and culture transformation specialists, we collect, share, and teach employees to tell powerful employee stories aligned with your organization's values, culture, digital transformation, and business strategy. We deliver these stories at scale to your employee population via microlearning videos. Then we capture employees' responses in the form of their own stories, ideas, and inspirations.

Artificial Intelligence

Avanoo's platform combines advanced data science techniques and natural language processing to help provide a holistic view of real-time hotspots and opportunities within your employee population. Sense into emerging employee trends through sentiment, keyphrase analysis, and predictive insights and analytics. Discover emerging trends and predict what stories you need to cultivate and share to get ahead of potential problems.



Culture & Business Impact

Connect the growth and engagement of your employee population to business impact and business ROI using Avanoo's powerful dashboards and insights tools. Areas of business impact include continuous innovations, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and improvement in engagement metrics.


of senior executives said culture is a competitive advantage

–2018 Deloitte Insights


of senior executives believe their culture is where it should be

–2018 Gallup State of the American Workforce


of senior executives believe their culture will drive value for their business

– 2018 Deloitte Insights

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