Avanoo StoryJourneys

Storytelling with a purpose

Boost interpersonal skills in just 10 minutes a week.

  • Leaders' own stories drive continuous social and emotional growth
  • Peer coaching deepens connection and amplifies learning as leaders share & respond to stories
  • Backed by proven neuroscience, behavior science, and data science
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Avanoo StoryJourneys are guided, virtual leadership development experiences that connect leaders’ personal and professional stories with their organization’s most critical business needs. Each journey unfolds over 12 weeks and is themed around an essential leadership competency – like “Building Trust” or “Promoting Racial Equity” – that will help prepare them to lead through change and enable improved outcomes for their teams.

1. Technology

StoryJourneys are tech-enabled by the Avanoo StoryApp. Use StoryApp to explore short weekly lessons that deepen your understanding of the journey theme, record your stories, and watch and react to the stories of your peers. StoryApp also provides real-time insights into how you’re learning and growing throughout the experience.

2. Story

Stories are our most powerful tool for self-expression and self-transformation. During your StoryJourney you’ll discover and share stories that reveal the leader you already are. And the stories, coaching and feedback shared by your peers will reinforce your growth and help you put your learning into action.

3. Connection

StoryJourneys are an inherently social experience. In addition to your interactions via the StoryApp, you and your peers will gather monthly for virtual user-guided workshops facilitated by top experts in storytelling and leadership development. The community you build together provides lasting support to continue your leadership journey.

Outcomes in 12 Weeks

By the end of their first StoryJourney, leaders will:
  • See improvements in emotional and social growth reflected in their own experience and feedback from their teams.
  • Build a toolkit of techniques and stories that they can share with others in their organizations and their lives.
  • Join a unique community with shared values and shared stories with whom they can continue to work and connect.

“Results of Avanoo’s work with Amsted Rail include many millions of dollars in savings and millions of dollars more in product and process innovations.”

Dianne Riboul, Director of HR, Amsted Rail

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